Who said you must wait the Carnival to see the Samba Schools?

Samba Schools start their preparation several months before the Carnival Parade, the first Samba Rehearsals is in July.

Every Saturday Night we visit the prestigious Samba School Salgueiro (one of the best in Rio) and we will be very happy to take you to this unmissable experience.

Depending your hotel, we will pick you between 9:00 or 10:00 PM.

Arriving at the Samba School Rehearsal a comfortable table will have been booked for you. 

This unforgettable night will start with a funny Brazilian Music Band.

Enthusiastic Dancers, talents musicians and The Carrier Flag Couple will introduce you in the magical Samba and Carnival world.

Around 00:30 AM will be the highlight of the night, the presentation of the “Batería” (percussion orchestra), the heart of the Samba School.

Sixty percussion instruments played simultaneously in perfect harmony create a contagious and energetic rhythm called Samba.

This rhythm is a treasure, a true cultural heritage.

You will remember this night forever!!!!!!

We can describe the tour, but we have no words to explain the unbelievable and unique energy in a Samba School Rehearsal.

The Samba School Rehearsal it’s not just a show, it’s a cultural experience that you can´t not miss in your visit to Rio de Janeiro.